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Cutting Edge Aging In Place Technology Custom Designed For PACE Participants

SafeGuardianPRO is offering PACE centers nationwide with our exclusive "Direct Connect" Medical Alarm & Help Alert wearables. Our CareCaller solutions enable your participants to call their PACE center DIRECTLY with the press of one button. 

SafeGuardian Health & Wellness Werables

CareCaller Wearables For PACE Are Effective!

 The benefits are impressive:

  • Directly calls & texts their PACE center for routine and urgent matters. 
  • Longer range than any traditional home medical alarm.
  • Can also text notify family members/loved ones of alerts.
  • No monitoring required like every other mobile SOS buttons.
  • Promotes patient engagement - reduces feelings of isolation
  • Easy to deploy for staff. Easy to use by PACE participants. 
  • Significantly less cost than patient communication & entertainment tablets.
  • No investment in infrastructure, staff training, and participant orientation.
  • Available with customized PACE and Spanish voice prompts.

CareCaller Wearables For PACE Are Affordable

Imagine comfortable, senior-friendly Medical Alarm & Help Alert wearables that for just monthly cellular service as low as $1/day! Just one avoidable 911 call/hospital admission can pay for the entire program for months! 

CareCaller Wearables For PACE Are Customizable

Each CareCaller ships pre-configured based upon your pre-established settings so they arrive Plug-N-Play. CareCaller wearables (and their packaging) can be custom configured/labeled just for your PACE center(s). This can include custom voice prompts, custom imprinted labels and lanyards and box/insert labeling.

CareCaller SOS Medical Alarm & Help Alert Smartwatches Are Now Available

New for 2023! Designed primarily for seniors, the latest CareCaller SOS Medical Alarm & Help Alert Smartwatch is now available. Large watch face, easy SOS activation, fall alerts, touch screen, big icons, loud voice prompts, call in and chat, and real-time built-in GPS locator. Ships with multiple languages (English, Spanish, French, etc)

CareCaller Wearables Are Loved By Seniors - And Their Caregivers

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Learn How A CareCaller Program Can Benefit Your PACE Center - And Your Participants: