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Preferred Providers Program

Our exclusive Remote Patient Monitoring and Wearable Wellness solutions are used by thousands of active 55+ seniors nationwide. Here are a few of the many senior and health care providers, organizations & communities we support every day.

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Home Health Care Agencies

Home Health Care Agencies are responsible for keeping their clients safe, healthy and independently at home for as long as possible. Providing your clients a SafeGuardianPRO wearable help alert device

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Independent Living Communities & Facilities

Residents of 55+ Independent Living Communities are happy, independent and mobile. They need a wearable, self-contained SafeGuardianPRO Help Alert to insure they can always get immediate assistance from family, friends and caregivers.

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Assisted Living Communities & Facilities

Assisted living communities have residents that may require routine, non-emergency needs in addition to the occasional urgent medical issue. Our SafeGuardianPRO wearable solutions allow residents to call / text pre-set on-site staff numbers from anywhere on the property.

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Hospice Agencies

Hospice and pallative care agencies immediately benefit from providing each of their patients with a one-button SafeGuardianPRO Help Alert device. When a patient is suffering, they should always call their hospice agency directly - NOT 911. However, in many cases, patients or their families will call rescue instead - costing the Hospice Agency as much as $1500/occurrence. The SafeGuardianPRO Help Alert button will ONLY call the pre-set Hospice Agency directly and/or family caregivers.

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Memory Care Communities & Facilities

Memory care communities can quickly locate & track each resident with our tiny real-time GPS trackers. Our Memory care wearable solutions attach easily to clothing or walkers. Real-time GPS can send text alerts when a wearer moves into our out of a pre-set perimeter. Get instant location data with Google maps on any smartphone or tablet.

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Transitional Living Communities & Facilities

Keeping family and caregivers involved with recovery of a loved one is critical to patient engagement and satisfaction. A SafeGuardianPRO Wellness solution device allows patients to connect directly with on-site staff, family, friends and caregivers.

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Hospitals & Medical Centers

Many hospital and medical center systems have patients that can benefit from a Senior Help Alert button following discharge from the facility. Facts are that patients with a SafeGuardianPRO Help Alert button are significantly less likely for re-admission within the first 30 days. A readmission during this period can coast a hospital as much as $15,000 and subject the facility to costly CMS reimbursement penalties.

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Payer-Provider Medicare Advantage Plans

SafeGuardianPRO help alert wearable solutions are a high perceived value add-on to any Medicare Advantage Plan. The professionals at SafeGuardianPRO can set-up a custom, private-label Medicare Advantage Plan for all your members.

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Non-Medical Personal Care Agencies

Every client of a non-medical personal care agency should be encouraged to wear a SafeGuardianPRO Health & Wellness device. Some agencies provide one to each of their paying clients (using it as a exclusive competitive advantage) and some simply refer families. They know a help alert device has been proven to keep clients living independently at home for years longer, help reduce missed appointments and can significantly improve patient engagement and client satisfaction ratings. 

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