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SafeGuardianPRO Wearable Health & Wellness Solutions

SafeGuardianPRO is your only source of these innovative, professional quality Health & Wellness Wearables designed for 55+ seniors and patients.

 Health & Wellness Pendant with SOS Help Alert

Revolutionary Health & Wellness + SOS Pendant that directly calls & texts up to five pre-set contacts including healthcare providers, caregivers, family friends, neighbors and loved-ones.

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TempAlert SOS Help Alert Pendant

Amazing Health & Wellness Pendant that includes a built-in sensor to monitor a wearer's body temperature. Where it is a warning of illness or of heat stroke during extreme weather, Caregivers will be alerted by text messages. Built-in one touch SOS button directly calls & texts pre-set staff, caregivers, family and friends

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SOS Health & Wellness Watch

World's first SOS Wellness Watch designed specifically for seniors. Self-contained cellular-based phone calls and texts pre-set contacts, tracks heart-rate, steps, sleep, and has built-in one-touch SOS help alert and real-time GPS locator. Optional Fall Alert feature with adjustable sensitivity also available. 

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