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Revolutionary Remote Health & Wellness Patient Monitoring Solutions

Healthy, Safe, Connected. Our exclusive "Direct-Connect" technology provides senior care professionals with low cost, easy to deploy and proven effective wearable solutions designed to promote successful Aging in Place.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to develop & distribute innovative, cost-effective solutions designed to keep seniors living happily, healthy, independently and safely at home for many extra years.

Our Philosophy

To integrate our proprietary "Direct Connect" Remote Health & Wellness technology to include all stakeholders in patients continuum of care.

Our Technology

We engineer the latest wearable technologies that incorporate the most advanced Remote Patient Wellness Monitoring with user-friendly features.

Our Comitment To You

Our entire team of care providers, clinicians, technicians and customer care representatives are dedicated to KEEPING YOUR CLIENTS living safely and independently at home for as long as possible.

Agencies Include:

Client Testimonials

"Your service was invaluable and allowed Margaret to continue living independently in her apartment much longer than would have been possible without your service."

...we did use your service, it was invaluable to us. Harvey fell and broke two ribs, and was unable to seek help. Because he had his bracelet on, he was able to notify you, and you alerted us and the paramedics. Had we not enrolled in this service, this situation could have been horrific. Thank you so much for helping us when we needed it.

I am very grateful to your company for the security you provided to my mother and the peace of mind it brought to my sisters and brother. Thank you for being there.


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